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Holy Crap

Back on LJ actually posting and what do I do?

I join a my first Big Bang writing challenge...yup I am insane. What's more insane is the fandoms I am crossing over...

Holy Crap!

I haven't used this in a while. Maybe I should write something of worth.

Um....work is good. My feet hurt...annnd I like being a good friend and having good friends. :)

Yeah...so not much but my brain is mush these days.

Rambling Ahead: 001 (Job Loss Stress)

I think I really need to start using this for what it was made for. Losing the job at Gamestop has really screwed with my brain. I really loved it and I know that while I started out not really liking everything I had to be doing, the job truely grew on me.

I loved helping the customers, espically the moms who didn't know a lot about video games who where looking to get things for there daughters. I got a lot of those over the holidays that just made me really smile. My interactions with co workers also left me a lot happier then my time working at Naked or the Hospital Gift Shop, which I think just really goes to prove that I work a lot easier around guys then I ever had women. Save for perhaps my job at kinkos cause I got to work with Jess and her and I got along on that we spoke the same geek language.

I fell like I have lost a job that I could have really loved and gone far in, even if it was just working shift or assistant manager. At least it was something I wanted to sell and was rather good at selling. I know video games, sure my perspective is from the female casual gamer but I also really know how to speak parent/older adult. It gave me something to do when I wasn't working on my writing. (A topic for another entry when I get to it. I have a list at this point)

It wasn't a distration or just 'a way to make money'. Sure it had the one downside of the single coworker who I could barely stand for only a few hours alone before I wanted to strangle him with a thick HDMI cable...but everyone has those coworkers. Its like a fact of life that you are going to have them. I was even starting to really get to know the workers from next door who where really nice and fun to talk to. (not to mention the guy who was always so nice to just randomly bring me water or something to drink)

I think what I am afraid of is that whatever job I find next...it just won't be the same and I am just going to go back to that unhappy place I had been in with all the ones after Kinkos.

What I wouldn't give for a winning lotto ticket at this point...then I could just forget about a job for a while. And write.

Awwww foo

Man I forgot my paid account was up today. :( Boo on all the ads that are now back in my sight. Now to make it so my journal is readable to me rather then the layout they stuck me with cause I had a paid account only layout.

In other news, must watch more Dr. Who...it makes me the happy when I am the sick.

Thought I would throw this out here...


Fetlife is doing its annual Kinky Santa give-away.

Go tell Santa what you want and you could win one of over 200 naughty prizes. ;-)

Wow...I haven't posted anything in 10 weeks...

I fail at LJ...I fail hard. XD

I will make a real post tomorrow. I promise an nice what the hell have I been doing dump.

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?

I am going to be honest about this one.

When I had my Ipod, the most played song was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Why you might ask? Well at the time I had just gotten Katamari Damacy and Beautiful Katamari. I found something very zen about listening to that song none stop while I played.

Really gave a new meaning to Rick Roll. *ducks from the tomatos about to be thrown her way*

This makes me sad to hear, I grew up watching this show and can still seriously sing the theme song.


I have a new love, it is Dexter.

I have only so far seen the first episode of season one (Thank you Netflix) but OMG I want to pick up the books now and....Ugh! I wish I had cable.

What is it with me and anything having to do with killers...I think I might have some strange wires crossed in my brain.


Not a good day..somewhat

Tons of house work to do...still no check. Hopefully one will come today. Until I get paid I am not freaking working cause um...yeah WTF?

On the upside..Hulu has Nana. I gotta watch it before they take it off for some dumb reason. Now if they could only get True Blood up there I would be estatic.

That is all for now.

Oh and my sleep cycle sucks right now. It really does.